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Executive Compensation In Libraries: An Oxymoron?
Engaging the Elusive Non-User | ALA 2013
Self Awareness & Authenticity: The Making of a Progressive Leader
Helping Compensation Catch Up Five Practices for Getting Progressive About Pay
Stuck in Place
Success of the New Executive Director
What’s in Your Handbook? 7 Things that MUST be There!
Saying “Yes” to the Community
What Will Happen After I’m Gone?
HR 2 Years After An Audit
Strategic Planning – Part II
Strategic Planning
Taking Performance Management to the Next Level: Pay for Performance
Performance Management
Last Night I Dreamed I was Driving a Bookmobile – Hiring, Engaging and Keeping Your Best Employees
Passing the Baton – Who Will Take it Next?
Last Night I Caught My Husband Apologizing to a Librarian – The Library’s Position as the Information Resource in a Google World
SLOW DOWN – Timely Suggestions for Careful Hiring
Alternative Compensation Plans – Creative Options in a Down Economy
Pay Equity: It’s More than Living Being a Librarian!

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