Success of the New Executive Director

We’ve recently been involved in some satisfyingly successful executive search projects, so this article from Board Café caught our eye (  Finding the executive that fits your organization perfectly is only half the battle.  After a long search, you now have a great new Executive Director for your organization.  Now what?  Following are some helpful hints for paving the way for a smooth transition:

  • Announce it to the world. Definitely notify the media but also contact influential business leaders, community leaders and other affiliates whose support impacts the organization.
  • Don’t forget about the internal connections. One great way to show support is to personally introduce the new Executive to the staff, in public meetings and in a social arena.  Your Board or elected officials can spearhead this effort, ensuring acceptance in all areas of the organization, as well as the community.
  • Make sure the transition support is there. Step up and help in preparation for board/commission meetings and board packets.  This time can be overwhelming to a new Executive Director and making sure it meets the expectations of the board is important for a good start.

Encourage the new Executive to invest in coaching.  No one can come into such a big role and know it all.  Based on the priorities of the organization, a good coach can help ensure the success and provide the outside support to avoid errors and propel growth.

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