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Put Me In, Coach! Guiding Your Employees To New Heights

It’s the season to talk about coaching success, from the Super Bowl to the NCAA Basketball Tournament to the opening of the baseball season. In any successful endeavor from the playing field to the Board Room, it is the coach who guides the talented players on the team to winning seasons—and winning careers. Continue reading

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It’s Your Workday – Make it Count!

It’s 8:00 a.m.  Another day is starting.  Are you refreshed and ready to leap into a day full of accomplishments?  Or is your desk filled with leftover tasks, unanswered memos and unread professional journals? Continue reading

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Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials—Oh My!

Look around your office or workplace. Who are your coworkers? Can you guess their generation, and does that matter in a work environment? People have throughout history defined themselves by their generation or their historical or cultural cohort, leading to both cohesion and challenge. Individuals, of course, are infinitely variable in belief and achievement but it is possible to use generational characteristics to motivate and build the best teams for your organization. Continue reading

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Do You Ever Kick Yourself (Metaphorically) With What You Should Have Said After a Meeting?

“Eighteenth-century French philosopher and writer Denis Diderot was at a dinner party, engaged in debate over a topic that he knew well. But perhaps he wasn’t himself on that evening — a bit self-conscious, distracted, worried about looking foolish. When challenged on some point, Diderot found himself at a loss for words, incapable of cobbling together a clever response. Soon after, Continue reading

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What Do the New Overtime Rules to the FLSA Mean for You?

On May 18th, the DOL finally released the long-awaited details of the new overtime rules to the FLSA. This final rule will automatically extend overtime eligibility to 4.2 million workers.

Here are the key provisions of their final rule. It: Continue reading

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Work/Life Balance: Practice Won’t Make Perfect – But Keep Trying!

At the end of life, few people regret spending too much time with family and friends. On the other hand, workaholics lament missed opportunities to enjoy time with loved ones. Bill Gates recently revealed his own difficulties in making time for life outside of work during an interview with the BBC, reported in the Leadership section of Forbes. Gates admitted to his own early, self-professed ‘fanaticism’ about work, noting that he never took vacations, often worked throughout nights, and stayed at the office on most weekends. After meeting his wife, Gates slowed down considerably; yet by that time, his company had tripled in growth and was already generating unprecedented revenues and record productivity. Continue reading

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Millennials: Exaggerated Mythology

What do millennials really want from work? How do we engage them?

We have all heard the stereotypes of millennials: the horror stories from the workplace, the self-entitled attitudes that breed laziness and poor work ethic. A survey by found that more than 85% of hiring managers and human-resource executives feel that millennials have a stronger sense of entitlement than older workers. Continue reading

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Getting REAL Feedback as an Executive Director or CEO

If you are the Executive Director or CEO of an organization, the following may sound familiar: It’s “evaluation time” and the Board President meets with you for a perfunctory, check-off-the-box meeting that lasts maybe 10 minutes, in which the he/she tells you that everything is going well, that the Board members are pleased, and that a new compensation figure has been approved. The end. Continue reading

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Money, Money, Money, Money!!

Traditional research showed that money is not the prime motivator for employee engagement or loyalty. However, since the economic downturn and slow recovery, money has inched back to the top of the list of key factors for attracting and retaining a high quality, motivated workforce. What are the best and brightest organizations doing to use their human capital dollars creatively? Read on to find out! Continue reading

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The Tangible Value of Gratitude at Work

There is much research to prove that recognition and rewards have quite an impact on employee engagement, which, in turn, has a substantial impact on everything that’s meaningful to organizations: productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction, the list goes on.

If you’d like to see the numbers, here’s an article by Forbes contributor Kevin Kruse, citing statistics from 28 studies. Continue reading

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