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Succession Planning in the Library
Paula M. Singer, PhD with Gail Griffith

Drawing on her expertise as a leading consultant on human resource issues in the library, Paula Singer addresses the often fraught issue of planning for change: not just at the top but at all levels of an organization. With Singer’s help, administrators can:
Evaluate the readiness of their current administrative structure Identify the critical management and technical positions Project and plan for future vacancies Identify the key competencies for critical positions
Readers will discover techniques for spotting potential leaders and encouraging professional growth of current staff.

Developing a Compensation Plan for Your Library, Second Edition
Paula M. Singer, PhD and Laura L. Francisco

This thorough treatment of compensation plans includes updated versions of the numerous checklists, worksheets, and salary surveys that made the first edition such a reliable resource. The revised information reflects changes in the labor market, with added sample forms and real-world examples. Become familiar with the process of developing a compensation plan and find tips that will guide you through potential challenges like maintaining staff morale.

Human Resources for Results: The Right Person for the Right Job
Jeanne Goodrich and Paula M. Singer, PhD for PLA

Expanding on the highly effective PLA Results Series, Goodrich and Singer offer PLA colleagues a strategic approach to the human resources function in the library. The book focuses on a variety of possible projects and how to staff them, allowing each library to decide where and how to focus their attention.

Winning with Library Leadership: Enhancing Services with Connection, Contribution, and Collaboration
Christi A. Olson and Paula M. Singer, PhD

Leaders in public, private, academic, government, or specialized libraries can sharpen leadership skills using this proven toolkit to take action and achieve results. This book offers a road map with strategies and action steps to create shared accountability and responsibility in a customer-focused, fast-paced environment.


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The Singer Group is a Baltimore-based human resources and organizational development consulting firm.  The Singer Group serves clients nationwide, including in Maryland; Baltimore; Baltimore County; Washington, DC; Virginia; Delaware; New Jersey; Pennsylvania; Illinois; Indiana; Ohio; Colorado; Washington; Phoenix; Arizona; Tucson, Arizona; and Albuquerque, New Mexico.


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