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The Culture Calculator

Pinpointing How to Take
Your Organization to the Next
Level of Success


Organizational culture is the most under-recognized determiner of success,
and one of the most accessible assets you can tap into to improve results.

Assessing organizational culture can pinpoint exactly where time and money should be invested, as well as what needs to be fine-tuned to achieve real forward motion.

The Culture Calculator you’re about to complete will help you evaluate some key dynamics in your organization’s culture right now, including central issues to be addressed and which solutions are likely to have the biggest impact on success. Your Culture Calculator is divided into five sections:

  • Mission, Goals, Alignment & Environment
  • Leadership
  • Change Response & Resilience
  • Employee Satisfaction & Engagement
  • Performance Management

Your responses will reveal organizational strengths that can be built on in addition to what needs to be changed within your organization to foster growth and success.

Once you submit your Culture Calculator, we’ll analyze your responses and schedule a time to review the results with you – free of charge. During this 30-minute complimentary phone call, we’ll discuss together which action steps will have the most value in terms of your desired bottom-line results – whether related to the sustainability, efficiency or mission momentum of your organization. We’ll also send you a free Culture Profile Summary outlining:

  • Key insights
  • Issues that must be addressed
  • Prioritized action steps that will help you attain the next level of success

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