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Why Reach?

At The Singer Group, we help organizations reach for what will get them to success fastest and most efficiently: smarter strategies; new thinking; strong leadership; inspired people; maximized potential, and more.

But organizations today must also reach beyond their own status quo simply because:

Only beyond the status quo can new thinking be found; and only through the careful application of new thinking can the organization stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive and relevant.

That’s why taking each client to the next level is at the heart of our work, and why bringing your organization the new thinking and innovative strategies required for success is at the heart of our commitment to you.

At The Singer Group, we approach each project with a progressive perspective. We believe that:

  • Organizations are whole entities – not a series of parts and pieces. Therefore, understanding the total organization is vital for delivering successful HR & OD strategies and tactics.
  • HR & OD are the gateways to the heart of an organization and, also, to its optimum functioning point and its ultimate success.
  • Aligning people, cultures and the organization as a whole is key to creating sustainable results and permanent change.

With this philosophy in place, we act as your partner, guide and navigator on a journey beyond boundaries, past your status quo and straight and steady until we reach nothing less than the maximum result and fullest potential possible for your organization.

What makes getting there possible is partly based on how we work in partnership with you.

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Our Process

Having worked with all types of organizations, we understand how difficult it can be to implement new initiatives, especially if those initiatives were developed by an outside consultant.

After all, outside consultants are just that – on the outside – and change is never easy.

That’s why we’ve created a collaborative, client-centered way of working that ensures that innovation and change will not only be welcomed, but will stick.

We call our process Participate > Understand > Own, and taking our clients through these three steps has made a tremendous difference in our ability to deliver progressive solutions – even to clients who’ve been long stuck in their status quo.

Quite simply, Participate > Understand > Own inspires your involvement, facilitates and deepens your learning and engages you in the ownership of the end result. Here’s how it works:

Participate > Inviting Involvement: In many consultancy arrangements, the client’s role is narrow: Provide input; review recommendations; approve the plan. At The Singer Group, clients are encouraged to participate fully in the entire process right from the start, crafting and shaping the initiatives they will eventually adopt. Accepting innovation and adapting to change is far easier since key players played a larger developmental role.

Understand > Facilitating Deeper Learning: When an HR or OD initiative is adopted, the staff in charge typically receives implementation-focused training. While we take great pains to make sure our clients understand what they need to do day-to-day, we go far deeper. We help our clients understand the rationale behind the initiative, the underpinnings of the strategy and the intricacies and nuances at every operational level. We’ve found that achieving this level of understanding not only ensures faster implementation, but greater and faster buy-in ROI as well.

Own > Engaging Ownership: Long before an engagement comes to a close, we make sure our clients have not only agreed to adopt their new initiative, but have also taken actual ownership of it. This is critical for success because without true ownership, even the best of plans can go awry. By facilitating the shift from external to internal ownership (starting in the Participate step), our clients are poised to become stewards of the initiative, act as guardians and advocates as it becomes part of the organization’s culture and take responsibility for its success.

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The Singer Group is a Baltimore-based human resources and organizational development consulting firm.  The Singer Group serves clients nationwide, including in Maryland; Baltimore; Baltimore County; Washington, DC; Virginia; Delaware; New Jersey; Pennsylvania; Illinois; Indiana; Ohio; Colorado; Washington; Phoenix; Arizona; Tucson, Arizona; and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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