Leadership Coaching

Support for Reaching Full Personal Potential

Paula M. Singer, PhDOrganizational effectiveness begins with effective people. But while those in the mid and lower levels of the org chart can look to their supervisors, managers, directors and CEOs for guidance and support, who can those at higher levels rely on?

We’ve all heard it’s lonely at the top – and there’s a very good reason why this saying rings true for so many charged with directing an organization’s future:

Senior leaders often have the least
amount of support within the organizational structure.
But, in truth, they need and deserve the most.

This is why executive and leadership coaching has been in such high demand over the past decades. For many senior staff members, from managers to directors to CEOs, coaching has proven to be the missing link in their personal development as effective leaders of people and organizations.

Leadership coaching is a system of support those at the top count on to:

  • Provide a sounding board and reality test
  • Open up new perspectives, options and solutions
  • Explore challenges and opportunities in new ways
  • Develop and strengthen the skills, abilities and self awareness required to lead
  • Creatively address and navigate feelings of overwhelm
  • Inspire meaningful action

The Singer Group’s CEO, Paula Singer, PhD, has been providing senior leaders across the nation with the support they need for 25+ years.

Her understanding of coaching principles and significant in-the-field experience is complemented by intensive training through CEO (Coaching Excellence in Organizations), one of the most respected executive-level coaching programs in the nation and one that is available only to master coaches who have already developed the coaching expertise necessary to support those responsible for an organization’s success.


Paula’s coaching is often cited by clients as a defining factor in their growth as leaders, as well as in the development of their organizations. Her results-oriented approach consistently generates tangible outcomes that make a difference, including:

  • Developing a powerful and focused vision for the organization
  • Uncovering underlying issues and obstacles
  • Facilitating strategic retreats that result in action
  • Challenging the status quo
  • Developing strategies for change and transition
  • Shifting organizational culture
  • Improving organizational performance and effectiveness
  • Increasing organizational flexibility
  • Increasing ROI on initiatives and personnel

The relationship that develops between coach and client is one of the most co-creative and fast-forwarding partnerships that can be experienced.

Unlike mentorship which is founded on role modeling and advice-giving, leadership coaching is purposefully designed to provide the executive with a framework that exists outside of the normal organizational structure. A framework that allows for full honesty, disclosure and absolute confidentiality.

Given today’s competitive and stressful work environment, its no wonder leaders seek out this type of powerful partnership as a matter of course. For strategically minded leaders who are open to change and want to fast-forward success, the decision to hire a coach is a natural part of their career path.

In this way, coaching has become a necessity during times of growth and success, as well as during times of downturn and turmoil.

As coaching becomes more and more commonplace in the work environment, the question is not whether to bring in a coach, but which coach will be most effective given your needs.

Finding a coach with the depth of experience, business acumen and strategic insight necessary to support top leaders must be a critical aspect of the selection criteria.

Over the years, The Singer Group has been honored to serve and support senior leaders in public and private sector organizations across the country. To learn more about what sets our leadership coaching apart and how we stack up against your needs, contact Paula Singer directly at 410-561-7561 or pmsinger@singergrp.com and schedule an initial consultation.

The Singer Group is a Baltimore-based human resources and organizational development consulting firm.  The Singer Group serves clients nationwide, including in Maryland; Baltimore; Baltimore County; Washington, DC; Virginia; Delaware; New Jersey; Pennsylvania; Illinois; Indiana; Ohio; Colorado; Washington; Phoenix; Arizona; Tucson, Arizona; and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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